Spike is not only the inspiration for PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch, he's the star! 

In our 75-minute DVD for dogs your dog will watch Spike walking, playing and
sitting while holding his beloved green football.

Also featured in PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch are three more adorable pooches.
Crystal & Satori - Border Collie sisters adopted as puppies.  Your pooch will watch Crystal
doing what she loves most...swimming.  And even though Satori is a female, she's all alpha dog. 
Your pooch will see her playing with Crystal.  And watch Satori as she watches Crystal swim.

Then there's sweet Lucy, a beautiful combination of Lab, Shepherd & Collie, also adopted as a puppy. 
She's feisty and loves to play catch.  Your dog will watch as she's playing and running on the beach with Spike.

Also shown are scenes with swimming ducks, a tortoise that roams the yard and the cat, Mardou to peak your dog's interest.
Each scene is approximately three minutes long.

Now PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch doesn't claim to captivate your dog in a trance-like state for the entire time the DVD
is being played (that would be weird!).  Also PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch is not a dog training DVD that teaches your
dog new tricks (like 'sit and watch tv'!).  We hope it will help your dog's separation anxiety but we're not claiming it will be cured.

PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch is meant to be a comforting distraction while you are out.

Like I did with Spike, use PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch as one of the tools in helping your fur-baby deal with dog separation anxiety.  Even though Spike no longer suffers when I leave, I still play PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch just to keep him company.

Click on our Contact Us page & let us know how your dog enjoyed PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch.  We love to hear all about your poochies!

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PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch - A DVD for Dogs