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If you've seen those OH SO SAD eyes when you grab your keys...

If you've felt that PANG of guilt as you walk out the door...

If you've wondered if your pooch is BORED while awaiting your return...

PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch - a DVD for Dogs          

I created PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch - a DVD for Dogs  for my dog, Spike. 

Now I offer this unique dog gift to you and your furry friend!

I found Spike on the streets of Boston over ten years ago.   When I looked into

his soulful and expressive eyes, it was love at first sight!   Swoon!

A One-of-a-Kind Dog Video for

Your One-of-a-Kind Pooch!

I started leaving the television on to keep him company in my absence.  But I didn't want to just put on the tv and go.   I tried to  find programs that contained pleasant audio and non-stressful yet interesting video.  With all those cable channels out there, I couldn't find what I needed for Spike.  Either the television programs were over-stimulating, or the programs were fine but the commercials were the problem.

Since I couldn't find it, I created it!  PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch!  A professionally shot and edited video for dogs.  Which combines carefully selected relaxing music and ambient sounds with calming video picked just for dogs that inspires

entertainment without encouraging negative behavior.

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PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch - a DVD for Dogs

Preview our unique DVD for dogs and check out photos of the other stars of our Dog Video.

Spike and I hope your Canine Couch Potato enjoys PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch!

  • 56 minutes of 4 fun dogs swimming, playing & resting

  • 19 minutes of a curious cat relaxing, cute ducks swimming and a lone tortoise strolling

   Insert & it will play all day!

PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch                             Featuring

  created for the relaxation & entertainment of your dog.  

  This unique, 75-minute DVD for Dogs combines

  entertaining video with soothing music and natural

  ambient sounds.

then check out...

PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch!

PAWSitively Peaceful Pooch Dog DVD

DVD for dogs

Spike is an intelligent, sweet, talented and oh-so-handsome Terrier-mix. 

He's my boy, my best friend, my fur-baby. 

So when he developed dog separation anxiety after we relocated to Florida,   I investigated many strategies to help him through that difficult time. 

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PAWS-itively Peaceful Pooch - A DVD for Dogs